santuario que salva gatos y perro


This is because of the reality of the animals in Colombia, the foundation became a shelter for abandoned dogs and cats or other breeds of animals that are not sterilized or neutered.

There are an average of 200 animals in the shelter, most of them are cats, and the major expenses are for food, medical care and maintenance of the place where they live, not including sterilizations and serious illnesses, as well as incidentals.

100 % of your donation will reach the sanctuary for the maintenance of the animals and the place, as well as for the social projects, which at this moment due to COVID are paused.

Monthly expenses



1.000,- €


1.200,- €


1.300,- €

What will your donation be used for?

  • 10 € = monthly food
  • 15 € = monthly cures per animal
  • 20 € = 1 castration
  • 40 € = 20 deworming
  • 70 € = 30 vaccinations

When the pandemic is over, we will continue with our social projects.

Performance review

If you want to see more, we have the economic outflows and inflows.

Important information

  1. The Cantoalavida Foundation is an officially registered organization in Colombia.
  2. Cantoalavida e. V. is an officially registered association in Germany.
  3. We are non-profit: we do not pursue our own economic profit but exclusively a social purpose.
  4. The foundation is supported by the voluntary work of a group of Colombian and international collaborators.
  5. We are committed to the families of Campoalegre with whom we have ties of collaboration, respect and mutual support, both from them towards us and from us towards them.
  6. You can deduct donations from your taxes, just ask for an invoice.