santuario que salva gatos y perro
Once upon a time

The sanctuary has its own history and was born from the dream of a visionary person named Gloria Ramirez Cortés.

In 2010 Gloria returned to her native town, Campoalegre, after 30 years in Europe. Day after day she started to face the local needs and could not stay with her eyes closed. A little at a time her own place became a meeting place and a playground. The children of the neighborhood found in Gloria's house a place to paint, cook, dance, sing and even do homework.

Also sick and abandoned dogs and cats began to arrive, finding in this house a shelter where they had a second chance to live a better and happy life.

Thus in 2012 the foundation and sanctuary Cantoalavida was born.

Cantoalavida did not stop there! Even elderly people found a home, sick people found help and recovery. Living in that reality it was necessary to have more space, so it was that in 2014, with the support of family and friends, a piece of land was purchased on the outskirts of Campoalegre, in the middle of nature. This is the space where the sanctuary is currently located. Today, the situation of the animals is still very worrying. There are not many resources and for this reason, the sanctuary is mostly dedicated to the animals. Although the first objective was social, for now and because of the great pressure of the animals, there is no capacity to act on this. We hope to return soon to all the social projects that we have left pending.

The sanctuary counts on the voluntary support it receives from all over the world. But it is still not enough because the sanctuary survives only thanks to donations.

All help is welcome!


100% of the donations are given to the shelter.

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 Shelter: 15 € donation

Food: 10 € donation


Shelter: 30 € donation

Vaccines: 35 € donation

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20 € / monthly

Once upon a time ...