santuario que salva gatos y perro


An adoption means beautiful moments but is also a responsibility.

We put animals up for adoption only to those who live in Campoalegre and the surrounding area.

This way we can visit our protégés in their new families.




Come and visit the shelter and find your soul mate.




Control of data and new home.




Start a new great love for life.

Contact the sanctuary directly

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At Cantoalavida Foundation we believe in second chances. Almost all of our dogs and cats are up for adoption. If you have love, space and time then you could offer one of our animals a new life and a new home.

The animals that come to the sanctuary, are in very bad condition and have had difficult experiences that have traumatized them. Thanks to the healing but also to the affection and love of the caretakers, they recover quickly both physically and psychologically. So too is the hope that one day all of them will be able to be part of a family and have a home where they will feel safe and happy. This wait can be an odyssey for many of the animals desperate for affection and human attention.

In this part of the process we need your help, we invite you to adopt a furry friend, to give him a happy life full of respect. The Cantoalavida Foundation also fights against the pet trade. Please think twice before deciding to buy a pet from a kennel/cattery. Because if you do, you will also be part of an uncontrolled exploitation process. If we do not stop buying, this situation will not stop, it is in our hands and as Ghandi would say: "You are the change you want to see in the world. If you want to change the world, start with yourself". There are a hundred thousand dogs and cats in the country waiting to be adopted, please let's be aware of this situation and act accordingly.


Who can adopt an animal from the sanctuary?

  1. We put our animals up for adoption under precise conditions.
  2. At the moment of adoption you will receive useful information on how to offer the best to your new pet (cats and dogs).
  3. The animals that have not been sterilized yet, because they are very young, can be adopted only under one condition: the new family has the obligation to sterilize their pet as soon as it reaches the necessary age.
  4. The sanctuary reserves the right to make regular control visits.