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Transparency is important to us

Transparency is a prerequisite for permanent trust: it is important for our supporters, for those who donate and want to be sure that their money is in good hands and is fulfilling their goals.

If you would like more information. You can find it here. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly enter into a dialogue with you.

Animal protection

Which and how many animals come to the sanctuary?

Normally the sanctuary takes care of dogs and cats. On average 200 animals find a home. Some are only a couple of weeks old, others are of different ages. All of them have arrived, abandoned or found in terrible conditions. The most traumatized and weakest ones stay at the sanctuary until the end of their lives. But the main objective is to provide a family to all the animals that are in good condition. When people who want to adopt an animal come to the sanctuary, they are interviewed to make sure that the animal will be in good hands.

How is the protection of the animals done at the sanctuary?

In Colombia, there are many animals living in the street. The sanctuary, with the support of the Cantoalavida Foundation, tries to make awareness campaigns for animal welfare. You can also, with a small symbolic financial participation, have your cat/dog sterilized at the sanctuary.

We believe that the basis of animal protection starts at this level and that it is necessary to teach the local population the basics, such as vaccination and sterilization of their pets.

Can I adopt an animal and do it from Colombia?

It makes sense to meet the animal and visit it at Cantoalavida sanctuary to build the first steps of a relationship. In general it is possible to adopt an animal, but it is very complicated and expensive to get it to Europe. However, we will be happy to help you to find the best solution.


Who do I support with my donation?

With your donation you support dogs and cats that have come to the sanctuary and children living in poverty. As well as a specific project of your choice.

What happens to the donations?

100 % of your donation will be used for the support of needy animals and poor children. At any time you can check the status of the different projects online or contact us directly.

How to make a donation?

There are three ways:

1. Transfer to Colombian bank account: Please note that you will have high service charges. Please clarify this before you start the process with your bank.

2. Transfer to the German account: Cantoalavida association makes transfers to the Colombian account 3 times a month using the WorldRemit service with a service fee of 1,99 €.

Transfer to the PayPal account: even though we are a non-profit organization we have to pay 1,5% of the amount for any payment that enters the PayPal account.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to help you as best as possible.

Can I also "gift" a donation?

Of course you can also give a donation. We can email you a nice card that you can print yourself.

Can I deduct a donation?

All donations are tax deductible, for larger donations (> 200, - €) we will send you a receipt, please contact us.


Which animals can be sponsored?

In general, they are the most fragile animals that need special care. Although in principle all the animals of the sanctuary can be sponsored. You can also sponsor the foundation itself or a particular animal. Please contact us for more information.

How can I sponsor?

You can sponsor a specific animal or by make a donation to support a project, which is for the benefit of children and animals in general.

How long is sponsorship?

The sponsorship is monthly and is fixed for a minimum period of one year. In case your animal is adopted, you will be informed directly and you will be able to choose a new friend who needs you.

How will I follow my sponsored child?

Once the sponsorship is established, you will receive a certificate. When the annual newsletter comes out, we will send you the most important information about each sponsored animal. Do not hesitate to contact us for more precise news and/or photos.

Will I be the only sponsor for my dog or cat?

With hundreds of animals at our sanctuary, a sponsorship gift is used to help all of them, including the dog/cat you have chosen to sponsor. In order to provide proper care for all animals, Cantoalavida allows a dog/cat to be sponsored by more than one person.

What happens to dogs and cats that do not have a sponsor?

The sanctuary treats all animals with the same care, whether they are sponsored or not. Your donation is used to help all the dogs and cats, including the one that has not yet been sponsored.

Can I also give a sponsorship as a gift?

Of course you can also give a sponsorship as a gift. We can send you a nice card by e-mail that you can print out yourself and give as a gift.

Can I deduct a sponsorship?

A sponsorship is a donation, so it is also tax-deductible. We will send you a receipt. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Volunteer work

How can I help personally?

You can actively participate in both the sanctuary in Colombia and the Cantolavida Foundation (e.V.).

How do I register at the sanctuary to be a volunteer?

Please contact us by email ( This way we can clarify a few things. We always welcome anyone who wants to help us in the projects or who wants to take care of children and animals.

If you want to help directly in Colombia, the first thing we do is to check and confirm if you meet the requirements of the Colombian sanctuary. At a minimum, we ask for a stay of two weeks.

The international team of the Foundation will also be very happy to receive your support and participation.

Can I visit the Colombian sanctuary or the Cantoalavida Foundation?

Of course you can visit both the sanctuary and the Cantoalavida Foundation. Contact us and let us know so we can interview you.

How many volunteers are there at the Colombian sanctuary?

The sanctuary can host between 1 and 5 volunteers at the same time. Due to COVID, there are many restrictions and measures regarding international travel. Therefore, the number of volunteers is currently very limited.

How many volunteers are there in the Cantoalavida Foundation (e.V.)?

The German Cantoalavida Foundation is made up entirely of volunteers. At the moment the board consists of three volunteers and six full members. Two freelancers are also part of the team.

Supporting children

Which families/children would you support?


We cannot say exactly how many cases we are actively helping. The number of them can change from one day to another. We are very flexible and initiate support almost immediately. We help children between 2 and 14 years old and poor families. Our help starts from problem solving: food, help with homework, games and others. The children are at the Cantoalavida Foundation sporadically during the day and return in the afternoon or evening to their family's home. Most of them come when we organize events for them and their parents, in which they learn how to respect the environment, to recycle and to have good eating habits.