santuario que salva gatos y perro
The sanctuary


An oasis of solidarity, respect and gratitude for mother earth and all her creatures.

Whoever has come to this place has told us that it is special and unique and has left in love. We still have a long way to go to improve ourselves and to make our work more efficient.

Our aim is social, ecological and sustainable.

rspeto por la madre tierra
respecto por criaturas
equipo international
su apoyo por perros y gattos
equipo internacional


The sanctuary's current situation is urgent and financial security is more delicate than ever as we navigate these difficult times. Like many organizations around the world, the Coronavirus pandemic is hitting us hard.

We usually rely on foreign volunteers to provide our dogs and cats with the care they need, but with Colombia's borders closed we have found ourselves at a loss.

The cost of food has also skyrocketed to three times its normal cost in Campoalegre since the beginning of the pandemic. This has resulted in founder Gloria Ramirez Cortes going door to door to try to raise money and ask market stall owners if they have any fruits or vegetables they can donate. This work on top of the other daily tasks of the shelter is stretching us to our limits, hence why we need your help.

All help is welcome!


100% of the donations are given to the shelter.

Ask for a donation receipt!


 Shelter: 15 € donation

Food: 10 € donation


Shelter: 30 € donation

Vaccines: 35 € donation

Support us! Become a sponsor of an animal.


20 € / monthly

Who we are and what do we do?

"We fight for a better world, because all vulnerable creatures need and require love and care. Support us to make them live better".

The very meaning of the Foundation's name "Canto a la vida" is its driving force. Out of respect for nature and every living being we celebrate every life, giving importance to all existential forms and all creatures of this world. What does this mean exactly? We help whom and where we can with the aim of improving the situation of humans, animals and the environment in which we live.

The Foundation was founded more than 10 years ago and was officially registered in Campoalegre, Huila as a non-profit organization in March 2012 with the objective of promoting social projects in the area.

Over the years the urgency of the problem of abandoned pets has grown: fortunately stray dogs and cats from Campoalegre can still find shelter here. The number of animals in the shelter varies from 100 to 200 depending on the period and is constantly increasing. The number of adoptions each year is about 10, which is a complex issue in the reality of Campoalegre, because the animals need patience to adapt to a new family and often return to the Sanctuary.

Cantoalavida is managed on a voluntary basis and exists exclusively thanks to donations.




The right to life and consideration for all




Care and respect


La esperanza y el amor

It is translated by the fact that the sanctuary's doors are always open for anyone who wants to enter. Currently, we are working more with animals, because their need is the most urgent. We meet them at the door, and they begin their paths to their reintegration in a family that will give them love and care. The foundation however, aims to help everyone in the community, through social activities such as supporting families in need, helping children however we can, educating youth through free English or math classes and providing resources for their studies.

Being ecologically minded is another precept we follow. We try to convey to all those who want to know, how to take care of the planet and, of course, animals too. For us, a good education and understanding are the cornerstones for a world full of happiness, respect and love. Life is a flow of energy that we all share: humans, animals and plants. Therefore, we try to support people and animals almost exclusively on an ecological basis and contribute towards the harmony between humans, other living beings and the environment.

Any being, animal or human, who needs help, can come to the foundation. There are always open arms, food, shelter and care to be found here. For the animals, we give them the medication they need, including vaccinations and sterilization. It is a process that we do with all our heart because we believe that if you help someone, you help yourself.

There will always be darker days than others but, if we continue to act with a deep conviction that what we do works, then our tomorrows will be filled with happiness! Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.

Cantoalavida is much more than a shelter, it is a place where we believe in the principles of solidarity and sustainability. Along with that, there are 4 basilar columns that define our missions and visions:

"If you teach a person to make a fire, he will be able to keep warm all his life! On the contrary, if you make a fire for him, he will only keep warm for a few hours"!


  • Presence, constancy, energy, positivity and strength.
  • We are like the hummingbird, working drop by drop slowly and tirelessly.
  • The more people join the cause, the more we can achieve!