santuario que salva gatos y perro

Volunteering in Colombia

The sanctuary is a special place where you can go if you have strong principles of respect towards pachamama and her creatures.

Everyone with their skills and qualities is important and irreplaceable.

In Cantoalavida you can contribute with your knowledge, your skills and your soul, with the only condition of being in harmony with the principles of the foundation: respect towards any living being and nature.

How can you collaborate ?

Animal lovers / Dog walkers / Kitty petters:

If you live in Campoalegre or in the surroundings and you have time, you can visit us whenever you want and dedicate a couple of hours to the animals, who need love and attention. You can come alone or accompanied.


The caretakers of the animals are fundamental. They take care of the daily care of kittens and puppies, whether they are sick or well. They also take care of the distribution of the food and the cleaning of the litters and the place.

Veterinarians and/or veterinary assistants and/or veterinary students:

Since we have so many sick and young cats and dogs, we need experts to help us reduce the number of deaths.

Carpenters and/or construction workers:

In the foundation there is a lot to do, such as finding solutions to existing realities (cabinets, doors, shelves) or new ones, or fixing existing ones that deteriorate over time.

Garden and permaculture specialists:

As the healing of the animals but also the nourishment requires herbs, flowers, fruits and plants, we have a large garden and a vegetable garden.

Photographers as well as multimedia experts:

We need someone to come regularly to take pictures and make videos of the animals, the place and the people. This is fundamental material for all digital communication.

Who we have had as volunteers at the foundation:

Inventors, creatives, meditators, vegan food experts, matimatics teachers, English teachers, sports teachers, and much more.

      In other words:

      • If you love animals, believe that a better world exists, that each of us is an actor of change.
      • If you would like to participate actively in a good cause knowing that your help is needed and appreciated.
      • If you want to dedicate your time, your energy and be involved in the life of the shelter, receive unconditional love from the animals you take care of and have the impression of being part of something bigger, a great feeling of doing something important and transforming.

      Here you find out how to apply as a volunteer and a more detailed description of the tasks and the rhythms we have.


      "I stayed at Cantoalavida for 3 weeks in 2019. I fell in love with the place." Céline

      "Arriving at the sanctuary in 2017, I immediately realized that the foundation is a special place." Matt

      "I was lucky enough to volunteer at the foundation in 2019! I fell in love with the place, the animals and even more with the people who work hard every day out of love and devotion." Alex

      "Cantoalavida was my first volunteer experience and definitely a life-changing experience. During my time at the foundation I learned to love animals much more, sharing so much time with them you realize that they are beings with a lot of love to give, very grateful and unconditionally loyal to whom we owe all the respect. Another thing that marked me was to see the example of the entire team with their tireless attitude, always patient in every difficult situation, always with hope and strength to continue the fight, all this made me see that despite there are so many human beings who harm and destroy there are also those who fight tirelessly to do good. In short, I am grateful to have passed through this very special place that, as its name says, is a Sanctuary that Sings to Life". Angelica