santuario que salva gatos y perro


Every week more and more dogs arrive at the sanctuary in bad condition. Puppys, adults, abandoned, exploited, mistreated, sick, find a new reason to live and belief in human beings in the shelter.

Sponsor one of our dogs to help us care for them, make them feel loved and show them that the world is full of people who love animals.

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Who to sponsor?

Here you can find dogs looking for a sponsor. If you need help in the sponsorship process, we are at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact us.

The story of Bianca, a dog who regained the will of life thanks to the Cantoalavida team and her sponsor!


Arrival : 07/01/2017

Size: Big

She is ± 4 years old, she is tender, sociable and independent, every time she hears the motorcycle engine or someone going to go out, she gets ready to go out too. She has a kind and tireless character and makes the dogs and humans around her feel good. She is not up for adoption but it would be great if you could sponsor her and get to know her antics and ingenuity.


Arrival : 06/01/2016

Size : Median

Loving and calm, delicate and subtle, she likes to receive a lot of attention from humans. She is ± 5 years old, she had many kidney problems with periodic cystitis but today, she is in great shape ! Due to health problems during her childhood, she was not put up for adoption in order to guarantee her the necessary care.


Arrival: 05/01/2016

Size: Median

Sociable and friendly with humans once he gets to know them and respectful and loyal with his group of doggy friends. He loves to go for walks on a leash with his faithful friend Estrella. Due to the fact that he has been adopted and returned several times, he is not up for adoption to avoid generating more traumas.


Arrival: 01/03/2016

Size: Big

Independent and protective of her doggy friends, sometimes she loves to be petted and cuddled and sometimes she prefers to lie in the sun or spend time alone. She is a dog with a traumatic history behind her so the family that adopts her has to be committed and patient. Estrella enjoys walks on leash and with her doggy friend Bryan. It would be wonderful if the same nuclear family can adopt them together, in a place with outdoor space for them to play and move around.

Estrella has ONE Sponsor in Germany: Oli.


Arrival: 11/08/2018

Size: Big

She is tender, sociable, calm and loves to receive affection. She arrived in very bad condition but she is slowly recovering. She is an excellent companion for any kind of family that wants to give her love.


Arrival: 01/03/2016

Size: Big

Sociable and fun with humans and fearful with the herd. She needs skin care and should be cleaned weekly. She needs a special family, without other animals, that is committed to work consistently with her to overcome her fears and anxieties to certain daily situations such as contact with other dogs or walks. She also needs to be with a patient family due to her highly excitable nature, Emily will reward your efforts with a noble friend for life.


Arrival: 11/07/2019

Size: Small

She is the grandmother of the foundation, extremely friendly and smiling (yes, smiling). Every time she hears the word food or caress she starts wagging her tail, Frambuesa is not up for adoption but it would be great if you would like to sponsor her, we will send you photos, videos and news of this peaceful and kind soul assuring you lots of smiles and affection from afar.


Arrival: 01/12/2020

Size: Small

Soundtrack of the Foundation, very excitable and fun, she loves to bark and has a charming way of asking for things. She is friendly with dogs and humans, preferring to deal with the latter. She enjoys petting, cuddling, brushing and all kinds of contact. Right now she is recovering from an injury caused by another dog and once recovered she would be perfect for any kind of family nucleus (senior citizens, families with children...).


Arrival: 09/11/2018

Size: Big

Loving, funny and independent.She is adapted to life at the sanctuary as she has been here for several years so she is not up for adoption, however you could sponsor this adorable little dog. She has a unique way of asking for food and playing games, would you like to meet her?


Arrival: 01/12/2019

Size: Median

Lucky is an adorable, playful dog who gets along with all her peers, whether they are humans, dogs or even cats! She is currently waiting for a family who will give her all the attention and love she deserves.

Lucky has ONE Sponsor in Canada: Alexia.


Arrival: 06/01/2014

Size :  Big

Energetic, playful and extremely sociable with other dogs, she loves to play, run around, jump.... With humans she can be more distant at first but once she gets to know them, she is ready to play and have fun. Ideal for any kind of family, preferably with other dogs and outside space.


Arrival: 01/06/2010

Size: Big

Manchitas has a soft and gentle character with humans and more playful with other dogs.She has been at the sanctuary for many years and has her human and doggy family here, although it would be great if you would like to sponsor her and see the day to day life of this subtle little dog who, as her name suggests, is full of spots.


Arrival: 01/01/2019

Size: Median

Tender, loving, calm and sociable.


Arrival: 08/10/2018

Size: Small

She is loving, calm and with a softness and gentleness of character that make her the ideal dog for a family of senior citizens or a quiet and loving family. She loves caresses, cuddles and brushing and you will find in Pia a noble companion if ever there was one.


Arrival: 15/06/2020

Size: Median

Tender and playful at times, at other times she prefers to enjoy the peace and quiet. She arrived at the Foundation with cancer and after 5 sessions of chemotherapy she is recovered and eager to find a family who loves her and who will love her.


Arrival: 15/04/2010

Size: Median

She has a strong character and is a leader with smaller dogs and fearful with bigger dogs. She is an alert and friendly dog with humans. She is a fun dog with very naive ideas that will bring a smile to your face if you coolaborate with us by sponsoring her.


Arrival: 01/03/2013

Size: Small

Fearful character with humans and strong and determined with the herd. Sofi is not up for adoption due to her delicate skin condition but would make a fun companion if you would like to sponsor her.


Arrival: 01/10/2019

Size: Median

Loving, friendly, knowledgeable, sociable and active. Arrived in very bad condition but has recovered remarkably.