santuario que salva gatos y perro
The colombian team

The team in Colombia

Founder and responsible person

Gloria Ramirez Cortés (Yoya)

Gloria Ramirez Cortés (Yoya)

Dedicated day and night to all beings. She has beautiful hands. With her love she heals everyone. Yoyita is the heart of the sanctuary, Cantoalavia is part of herself. She is at 72 years old still actively fighting for the survival of the sick and the young. Thanks to meditation and her inner strength, she continues to go on with great energy. She is the inspiration for all of us: with her principles of altruism, ecology and nourishment.

Animal caregivers

The sanctuary cannot exist without her helpers, those who work side by side with Yoyita. Yineth and Johana are the foundations to get to cure all the animals. They face day and night the emergencies, cook for all the furry ones and make the cures they need. They also clean the place, the dog beds and the plants. They are the arms of the sanctuary, tireless and from the beginning they live and believe in the vision of the founder.

Paula Sofià Ipuz

Paula is a young woman full of energy, dreams and hope. Her great passions are reading, football, but above all, animals. She takes care of all the dogs in the shelter and is also training to become a veterinary assistant.

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Vaccines: 35 € donation

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