santuario que salva gatos y perro

We give animals a loving second chance. Help us fullfill our mission in making the world a tiny bit better.

Cantoalavida Foundation

"We are committed to a better world, because all vulnerable living beings need and require love and care. Support us so that they can live a better life".

"Canto a la vida" Foundation is an association officially registered in Germany. "Canto a la vida" is based exclusively on the Colombian Omonima Foundation and supports the Colombian refuge as a vegan non-profit organization.

There are many ways to be an active part of our project, find out which one suits you best!

donaciones para el refugio

Every donation, no matter if big or small helps us feed and take care of stray dogs and cats.

100% of the donations go to support the shelter in Colombia, helping to provide: food, medical care, sterilizations and a roof over our once abandoned residents.


You may be far away but your love can reach across the globe! Many of our four-legged friends cannot be put up for adoption due to their traumatic history. Sponsoring an animal helps with their daily care and rehabilitation.

venga a visitar Cantoalavida

Visit Cantoalavida in Campoalegre, Colombia. An oasis of solidarity, respect, and gratitude to Mother Nature.

All help is welcome!


100% of the donations are given to the shelter.

Ask for a donation receipt!


 Shelter: 15 € donation

Food: 10 € donation


Shelter: 30 € donation

Vaccines: 35 € donation

Support us! Become a sponsor of an animal.


20 € / monthly

Who do we act on behalf of?

Cantoalavida, the animal shelter in Campoalegre that saves lives and souls:

here, abandoned cats and dogs have the opportunity to live a better life and regain trust in humanbeings.

We try to produce as little ways as we can, producing parts of our and the animals food and plant medicine from our wonderful garden.

"Cantoalavida" is also a small paradise that fights to impose its principles of solidarity, altruism and love for nature, against the injustices of society.