santuario que salva gatos y perro
Our philosophy

Ecology and environnement

For us, there is no separation between the planet we live on and the animals that inhabit it, we are all interconnected. If we help them, we help ourselves.

The environment is a very topical issue and we are all aware of the seriousness of the situation. We should all be interested in the issue of ecology, how to avoid pollution and waste of natural resources, we are all involved and it is a global concern for us and future generations. Light, water and other energies are something we take great care of. We try to recycle things, give them new life, and we use plastic only when we have no other options. In addition, the foundation's constructions or buildings are made with natural materials such as mud, bamboo or guadua.

"Canto a la vida" is a refuge for all beings in need but also a sanctuary of nature, around there are plants that we use to feed and heal ourselves as well as to clean the place. That is why a huge vegetable garden project is being developed on the property. In addition, although we use traditional medicines to cure some animal diseases, we try not to use chemical products but natural ones.

We believe in the principle of sustainability!

These are actions that allow us to use resources to meet current needs, taking into account that all beings, organisms and ecosystems must be preserved. These ways of being in the world must not compromise the possibility of our children to enjoy our planet, which needs the capacity to regenerate itself. As always, it is a question of balance between economic growth, environmental care and social welfare.

We have many projects we want to do but we need funds,

for example the installation of the rainwater recovery system, construction of solar panels, and much more.

In the foundation there are 3 small houses, made of bamboo and earth.

In these we have the bedrooms, a library and the office.

Our constructions have been made with biodegradable material collected from our mother earth within a radius of 5 km.

The consumption of kombucha in the sanctuary is so high, so the production cannot be stopped.

A construction site: how to insulate the little house around it so that no humidity gets in, the consumption of kombucha in the foundation is so high that the production cannot stop.

What does our garden give us? In addition to beautiful flowers, chili peppers, avocados, sweet potatoes, papaya, cilantro auyama, gengibre, coconuts and chumbimba.

The dog beds are made of wood and not plastic.

Natural healing

When we work with abandoned or street animals, they are often sick and injured. Treatments are an important part of the daily life of the shelter and sometimes some dogs or cats need frequent treatments.

It's a lot of work and also a lot of money!

Gloria and her team at "Canto a la vida" try to do these treatments, when possible, in an ecological way to respect the environment. It is important to say that we try to do as little damage to the planet as possible and therefore, we prefer to use and enjoy all the natural medicines that the Earth has to offer. We deeply believe in the flow of energy between beings and also within each one, it is still a search for harmony and balance that we try to find.

We do not forget traditional medicine, in fact we use it often but our way is to first try to heal with the wonders that nature gives us, and if it does not work because sometimes it is not enough, then we use the classic medicines.


Healthy mind in a healthy body

At "Canto a la vida", we live at the rhythm of nature and the animals we take care of, we listen to the messages of Pacha Mama and we cultivate mind, body and soul to achieve balance.

Following the philosophy of respect for all the inhabitants of Mother Earth, the humans of the foundation eat vegan, without any animal products and enjoying the delicious fruits and vegetables from this side of the world. Some consequences of meat production are: the environmental impact, and it takes the medal for the most polluting industry, the magnitude of the spaces needed for that production along with the animal suffering involved. It is time to act differently, we understand that it is a slow process of adaptation, in fact our animals continue to feed on meat, mostly donated, in addition to the vegetables and legumes that are prepared daily to nourish their bodies and spirits.

For this reason, the team at "Canto a la vida" is making a large vegetable garden, with many medicinal plants as well as vegetables and fruit trees. We try to share our philosophy with the inhabitants and collaborators of the foundation, as well as with anyone who is interested.