santuario que salva gatos y perro


The "Cantoalavida" Foundation supports the Campoalagre Sanctuary, which takes care of traumatized and injured animals. The Foundation's goal is to reduce the number of distressed animals by working closely with the local community.

Due to the emergency situation, our resources are currently limited.


On average, more than 30-40 cats and more than 80 dogs live in the sanctuary.

Unfortunately, the animals are often dropped off at our gates or are pushed through the fences, causing yet further trauma and injuries to what they have already suffered.

Animales en el santuario

These are mostly street animals that are already struggling with health problems.

The rescue center provides the animals with food, medical care and therapy.

In addition, they are spayed or neutered. The animals are treated lovingly throughout so that they can regain trust in humans beings. As soon as an animal has recovered and been vaccinated, the search for a suitable home begins.

However, care and rehabilitation alone is not enough. In an attempt to prevent the problem in the first place and put a stop to the cycle of animal abuse, we work on educational campaigns. In doing so, we address important issues such as sterilization/castration, animal breeding and adoption.


We help anyone who needs help.

The children of Campoalegre have the opportunity to receive free English or math lessons from volunteers. Furthermore, other events such as "Plant your tree" and "Reuse" are organized to make the children aware of ecological issues.

voluntarios ayudar ninos

Under these conditions, the children learn and develop their creativity and live

in symbiosis with nature and animals with respect and love.

At Christmas we hold our big fundraiser for the children. We prepare many gifts from "El Esmero", a region of rural communities in the mountains of Huila. These children hardly come into town and do not own much, so we collect/buy for school uniforms, school supplies, sports clothes and shoes for them. We end with a big Christmas party with vegan food for all.


We live and work with respect for the planet and nature, an ideology central to our vision.

Thus, the Foundation grounds have a large ecological garden project with a large vegetable garden, many medicinal plants and fruit trees. We try to share our philosophy with all residents and staff, as well as with anyone who wants to learn.

respectamos al planeta